Trekking in Morocco

Few countries boast such impressive natural diversity as Morocco. most dramatic and beautiful mountains, Morocco’s broad range of climates is also a blessing for trekkers. Whichever you choose, trekking is often the highlight of any visit to Morocco, there are many unforgettable places to go trekking in Morocco


-High Atlas Trekking,

The High Atlas is a region in Morocco covering the mountain range and surrounding destinations such as Marrakech. It’s a regular destination for mountain Trekkers, Ski enthusiasts, or travellers interested in the indigenous Berber culture found throughout its many peaks and valleys there are several summits higher than 4000m and more than 400 above 3000m. This makes a spectacular setting for walks and offers the possibility of bagging a few summits as you go


 Anti Atlas Trekking – Tafroute-Jebel Saghro – Jebel Sirwa

The Anti-Atlas is an ancient mountain chain dating back approximately 300 million years, formed of imposing gorges and separated in two by the wadi Draa. Little known region, which dominates the rich oases of Draâ and Dades valleys. The summits culminate between 2,000 and 3,300 meters whose landscapes announce the Sahara. Contrast of rocks of a great variety (basalts, granite, pink granite, quartz, trachyte). It is the most arid mountain in Morocco

The Anti Atlas around Tafraoute has rugged, barren rocks and lush green valleys aplenty. Jebel Lekst is the star attraction. The ‘amethyst mountain’ is a massive ridge that stretches away northwest of Tafraoute. In spite of the harshness of the landscape, the Berbers who live in villages such as Tagoudiche still manage to grow the mountain staples of wheat, barley, olives, figs and almonds. Jebel Aklim is surrounded by Berber villages in valleys guarded by old kasbahs, and there are great views over to the High Atlas to Jebel Sirwa


-M’Goun Massif – central High Atlas trekking,

Relatively lower than its prestigious competitor, its absence of glacier, despite its rocky crest stretching for about ten km, allows climbs pleasant and accessible to a wider audience. In addition, thrill seekers can practice off-piste skiing in addition to mountaineering.

The M’Goun offers many possibilities for excursions within a protected area. The natural setting is impressive: the slopes of limestone rocks form astonishing slopes where erosion has engraved the tops and beautiful gorges to the walls of orange garnets.

The M’Goun massif offers tours to hikers of all levels, including families. They will make you climb steep slopes, cross rivers on mules, and bivouac on the water’s edge. The landscape is astonishingly diverse, with fertile valleys and barren cliffs sheltering typical and welcoming villages


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